Our Faith

Holy Trinity is centered in the Eucharist and the Word of God, following the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Our Mission

Holy Trinity is a community coming together and moving forward with a commitment to "Hope in the Future".

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Parish Groups

Proclaiming the Word of God through compassionate outreach and community involvement.

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Our Community

Stay up to date with events in the parish and wider community of Salford Diocese.

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Father John Dale


Sharing Faith - Giving Life

We are the newly formed Roman Catholic parish of Holy Trinity, Worsley, served by the churches of Christ the King, Walkden, St Edmund's and Our Lady and the Lancashire Martyrs, Little Hulton, under the guidance of our parish priest Mgr John Dale.

Having recently been called together, this is an exciting and challenging time for us and we trust in the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us. Each of our three churches has its own spiritual and pastoral traditions, and each brings many gifts to our new missionary endeavours. However, what we have in common is a sense of the presence of God in our lives, welcome and hospitality to everyone and a deep desire to care for those in need. We have members from all across the world who bring a delightful richness of prayer and community.

Our deep commitment is to the person of Jesus, knowing that it is he who forms and shapes us in our love for God and each other. We hope you can come to share with us in our prayer, worship and outreach.

Mass times this week

Sunday 5th January - Feast of the Epiphany

  • Sunday
    • 9:00 am Mass at Christ the King
    • 11:00 am Mass at St Edmund's
  • Monday
    • No Mass
  • Tuesday
    • 9:00 am Service of the Word and Communion at Christ the King
    • 10.00am Requiem Mass at St Edmund's for Mary Peacock followed at 11.15am by interment at Woodlands Cemetery. Please pray for her, for her family and friends
  • Wednesday
    • 9.15am Mass of the Epiphany in Christ the King school – all welcome
  • Thursday
    • 9.30am Mass of the Epiphany in St Edmund's Church with the school – all welcome
    • 9:00 am Service of Word and Communion at Christ the King
  • Friday
    • 9:00 am Mass at Christ the King
    • 9:00 am Service of the Word and Communion at St Edmund's
  • Saturday
    • 12:30 pm Mass at Our Lady and the Lancashire Martyrs (Sunday Mass)
    • 5:00 pm Mass at Christ the King
  • Reconcilliation Saturday
    • 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm at Christ the King
Food Bank Sundays
Food banks rely on your goodwill and support. Without your goodwill, our food banks would really struggle to operate. Our parish has a great history of generosity and support to our local food banks.
If you would like to support our local food banks at Mustard Tree and Cleggs Lane Methodist Church we will hold Food Bank Sundays on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


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