We have started an ecology group within the parish. The aim of this group is to look at how we can save the planet one step at a time! Our planet needs us to make a change to protect it for generations to come.

The group meets once a month to discuss ideas that we can share with the parish to:

  1. Raise awareness about climate change
  2. Save people money
  3. Become more eco friendly
  4. Share in God's creation

Our top eco-tips:

To research a different energy supplier and switch to a more eco friendly one. They are usually cheaper per month for bills and they use renewable energy sources which helps against climate change.

You can do this by visiting uswitch.com and looking out for eco-energy suppliers such as pure planet, bulb or octopus. Why not take a look and save money and the planet at the same time!

From August, Sainsbury's will have water fountains installed in their cafes so that anyone can re-fill their water bottles free of charge. They are also encouraging customers to bring their own containers for fresh fruit and vegetables.Of course other supermarkets will be doing similar things ….

If you are interested in joining the group please let Fr John know and come along to our next meeting.