A message from Fr John

Posted on: 06/08/2020

Dear Friends

Good morning

We must continue to pray for the people of Beirut; so many people killed and injured and so many more made homeless - the impact is too horrific to imagine. The pictures are all too reminiscent of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb 75 years ago today. We pray for them and for the rescue workers whose task is enormous.

It was the funeral of John Hume yesterday - a man of faith, greatly and rightly admired for his commitment to peace building during the most difficult times. The homily was preached by his parish priest and I’d like to quote just a little.

'John Hume, whose funeral Mass we have gathered to celebrate this morning, never passed by on the other side. John never kept a distance. He stopped. He showed compassion. He got involved. He gave dignity and he gave life to so many people. In a time in our world when often small mindedness and self-focus seems to be the driver John never put anybody or any specific group first. He put everybody first. He didn't focus on difference and division. He focused on unity and peace and giving that dignity to every person.'

I think we need those words emblazoned on all our hearts especially these days when it is all too easy to point the finger at others for not doing this, that or the other. We must each take our own responsibility, for in this way we will really build a new community.

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration, that wondrous event at which Peter, James and John are given glimpse of what is to come. That vision is ours too: in Jesus we can become new persons; we can become what God has always wanted us to be.
But … we can’t simply rely on Moses and Elijah, on the old ways of doing things, on the old language and arguments. We must allow ourselves to be transformed by the love of God which conquers all things - even our stubborn hearts.
We pray for those who are sick: Adela, Winnie, Sylvia, Joe, Susan, Irene, Paddy, Jimmy, Maureen, Steve, P.J., Declan, Alan, Jac, Kay and Anne

And for those who have died: Tony, Antoinette, Sheila, Michael, Marion, Audrey, Bridget, William, Maree, Joe, Gary, Ian, Gerard, Marina and Keisha

St Joseph, pray for us

Every blessing

Fr John

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