A message from Fr John

Posted on: 10/09/2020

Dear Friends

Good morning

Friday is our traditional day of abstinence - historically that meant not eating meat. That particular form of abstinence is not quite as relevant these days when fish can be seen either as a luxury or a cheap takeaway, and when so many people are either vegetarian or vegan. It nonetheless remains important that we recognise all that Jesus laid down for us on Good Friday - his life for our life.
There are many ways of doing so: we might abstain from a cherished snack; we might make a donation to Cafod or Missio or another charity; we might make a donation to the Food Bank - so many avenues to follow, just to remind ourselves of God’s overflowing love for us in Jesus.

On the other hand, we might take these words of St Jane De Chantal to heart:

'If we truly love our neighbours, we refrain from saying anything prejudicial to them.
We support everyone as we would like to be supported. We try to give the example that we would like to receive from others. We excuse and forgive the blunders of others as we would like ours to be forgiven and excused. We rejoice in the happiness of others and are sorrowful in their pains, just as we would like them to respond to us in ours. We graciously help others in their needs both by prayer and actual service because in this way we truly show our good will and love.’

What a Friday fast that would be! What better way to accompany Jesus on his way to the cross - and to new life.

Please pray for Mary McKeever whose funeral we celebrate today

Every blessing

St Joseph, pray for us

Fr John

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A message from Fr John

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A message from Fr John

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