A message from Fr John

Posted on: 11/11/2020

Dear Friends
Good morning
As the conversion of St Edmund’s nears completion, it is important to remember those for whom homelessness has become a way of life, living in a poverty that few of us can imagine. And so it is timely that we remember the challenge of the Gospel and reach out to those who feel excluded and abandoned.
World Day of the Poor - Bishop John's Caritas Message 
Sunday 15th November

“Stretch out your hand to the poor”. Sirach 7:32

To mark this year’s World Day of the Poor, Bishop John has recorded a special message to remind us all, including parishes, of the calling we have to social action to help improve the lives of the most needy in our communities.

Click on the link below to watch Bishop John’s message.

Evelyn Underhill was a renowned writer on mysticism and known for her deep personal sanctity. This is one of her poems.
The Lady Poverty - Evelyn Underhill
I met her on the Umbrian hills, 
Her hair unbound, her feet unshod: 
As one whom secret glory fills 
She walked, alone with God.

I met her in the city street: 
Oh, changed was all her aspect then! 
With heavy eyes and weary feet 
She walked alone, with men. 
St Joseph, patron of the homeless, pray for us
Every blessing
Fr John

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A message from Fr John

Posted: 24 November 2020

Continuing our preparation for Advent, there’s a couple of little teachings from the Desert Fathers, the monks (and nuns) of the third and fourth centuries who strove to give up the luxuries of life in order to be closer to God and to each other in community.

A message from Fr John

Posted: 23 November 2020

After Bishop John’s Pastoral Letter, I though we might reflect on what love means in the light of the Gospel.

A message from Fr John

Posted: 22 November 2020

Did you  enjoy yesterday’s rainbow - fleeting as it was. A sign of hope and new life, please God.

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