A message from Fr John

Posted on: 23/11/2020

Dear Friends
Good morning
After Bishop John’s Pastoral Letter, I though we might reflect on what love means in the light of the Gospel.
The Second letter of St Peter is very succinct in the way he approaches it.
‘ … do your best to add goodness to your faith;
to your goodness add knowledge;
to your knowledge add self-control;
to your self-control add endurance;
to your endurance add godliness;
to your godliness add brotherly love;
and to your brotherly love add love.
These are the qualities you need ….’
During this last week of the Church’s year, the last week before Advent, we could do worse than make this ur ‘manifesto’ - ‘set our stall out’ to put us in the right frame of mind for Advent.
I have attached the up to date Holy Souls list
St Joseph, pray for us
Every blessing
Fr John

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A message from Fr John

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A message from Fr John

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