A message from Fr John

Posted on: 12/01/2021

Dear Friends

Good morning
Again, I’m sorry that we have had to close the churches but the news and advice must lead us to ever greater safety measures for ourselves and each other. Please keep all the staff of the NHS and our care homes in prayer.
A poignant poem with a glimmer of hope:
Although the wind 
by Izumi Shikibu
Although the wind 
blows terribly here,
the moonlight also leaks 
between the roof planks 
of this ruined house.
The light of faith and hope shines through all the sad cracks in our lives - if we allow it.
St Joseph, patron of our dreams, pray for us
Every blessing
Fr John
Please pray for Mark, Mary and Bernadette who are slowly making their way to heaven

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Parish Forum Meeting

Posted: 20 January 2021

Good morning - what miserable weather but it’s Manchester and we’re used to it.

A message from Fr John

Posted: 19 January 2021

Good morning - I hope you managed to batten down the hatches before the rain Maintaining the nautical allusion - let’s think about the barque of St Peter ...

A message from Fr John

Posted: 18 January 2021

We can’t help but be anxious about the next few days in the USA - we pray that all people of faith, especially those in leadership roles, might be united in striving to ‘build bridges not walls’.

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