A message from Fr John

Posted on: 15/02/2021

Dear Friends

Good morning - what a joy it was yesterday to feel the warmth of the sun again

You might want to ’tune in’ to the following sequence of talks and discussions as part of your Lenten prayer and reflection. Austen is a very, very communicator; it promises to be a good course and will give us an interesting perspective on taking responsibility for the world in which we live.

LET US DREAM -- Our Lenten Journey with Pope Francis, guided by Austen Ivereigh.

Over the Wednesdays of Lent we will explore Pope Francis’ book, Let us Dream, with the assistance of Austen Ivereigh, who worked closely with Pope Francis on the book.

Let Us Dream is the first book by a pope in response to a specific crisis, and offers us Pope Francis’s spiritual guidance for humanity in the throes of the Covid crisis, helping us to seize the opportunity for conversion and change — as individuals and as a society.

The course will begin with an Introductory presentation by Austen on Wednesday 24th February at 7pm.

Every Wednesday from 2nd March until 31st March we will meet 7pm-8.30pm, again with an opening reflection from Austen, to explore the book in five sections, share our thoughts, ask questions and deepen our understanding of the Lord’s call to us, to our Church and world through the teaching of Pope Francis.

This is a wonderful opportunity and the Bishop and Diocese are very grateful to Austen Ivereigh for making this possible.

To sign up, please email formation@dioceseofsalford.org.uk


St Joseph, pray for us

Every blessing

Fr John

PS Don’t forget the Parish Forum meeting on Thursday evening at 7.00pm - John Griffin of the Diocesan Formation Team will facilitate the meeting. Hopefully, I’ll send some preparatory thoughts onThursday morning

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A message from Fr John

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Good morning - I hope you’re well. Please remember to pray for vocations and specifically from our parish.

A message from Fr John

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Good morning - such glorious weather. It makes one reflect on the unseasonableness of so much of our weather patterns which affect us for sure but have an enormous impact on the poorer countries fo the world.

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Prayer is interesting isn’t it? Rarely easy, sometimes tough; sometimes directed, sometimes aimless;

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