A message from Fr John

Posted on: 25/04/2021

Dear Friends

Good morning - I hope you’re well. Please remember to pray for vocations and specifically from our parish.

Keeping our concern for the environment close to our thinking, here’s another paragraph from Cardinal Turkson’s address which is a prompt to practical action.

He says:
Concretely, to safeguard biodiversity, we can take action by planting trees and partner with organisations that care for land and seas. We must act together so that there is no more biodiversity loss and prioritise restoring degraded ecosystems, including on church land. We can grow Laudato Si' gardens, living chapels, support regenerative agriculture and agroecology practices that protect and nourish human and planetary health.

It is clear that the protection of biodiversity directly affects the social, cultural and economic dimensions of human life. We are called to embrace an integral ecological perspective and apply holistic thinking to reorient economies, education and policies so that we honour the dignity of the human person and integrity of creation, together. "May the power and the light of the grace we have received also be evident in our relationship to other creatures and to the world around us" (LS, 221).

St Joseph, pray for us

Every blessing

Fr John

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A message from Fr John

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Good morning - special prayers today please for a colleague who has a very difficult job to do.

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