A message from Fr John

Posted on: 11/05/2020

Dear Friends
The response to yesterday’s letter was great and elicited one surprise:
Myfanwy - not the most cheerful in translation but sung by the Morriston choir rather beautiful
And then someone suggested ‘In Paradisum’ from Faure’s Requiem
But Pat sent a lovely short essay on her favourites:
"Mozart’s music is said to be particularly relaxing, and I love listening to it, but I especially like his beautiful Piano Concerto Number 21, known as the ‘Elvira Madigan’. Also his Flute and Harp Concertos are quite lovely I think.
Beethoven is another composer whose music I think is wonderful. I love his Symphony Numbers five and six.I think the opening of number five is recognised by most people, but his ‘Pastoral’ Symphony number six is so clever, as it evokes so many emotions. Feeling cheerful about having a lovely outing in the countryside. Seeing a little brook, and the calming sounds of the water, and of course hearing the beautiful birdsong. Then the storm comes, and the fear felt by all the people as the storm rages. Finally the storm passes, and the beautiful ‘ Shepherd’s Song’  gives happy feelings of thanks and relief that everyone, and all the crops are safe. Thinking about it now Father, it could be describing these strange times.
I  like listening to Elgar’s Enigma Variations. Each one of these being dedicated to one of his friends, which is such a special thing to do, and lastly, for now, I love the Bruch Violin Concerto Number 1.”
Quite a brilliant selection - and I think I have most of them on my shelf.
Thank you all.
However, referring my learned friends to yesterday’s homily …
Do you have any ideas about how we might reset/restructure ourselves for pastoral and spiritual ministry in the next few years?
We are truly heading into uncharted waters or at least into areas that we’ve not traversed for centuries; this time of lockdown is a time for prayer and thinking  - and building a new vision.
Please send any ideas that we can collate and possibly send round for further discussion.
Please pray for all those who are sick
Evelyn, Winnie C., Mary Paul, Adela, Sr Kevina, Janet
And for all those who have died:
Fr Peter, Roy, Alf, Malcom, Elsie, Matthew, Stella, Chris, Kenneth, Carol Ann, Ingeburg, Winnie Y., Patricia M., Eileen Maureen, Joan, Frank, Robert, Lynda, Cecilia, Lourdes, John, Michael, Eileen, Dale, Michael, Graham, Maria, Andrew, Gladys & Patrick
We remember all those who mourn them.
Please bring any donations for the food bank today or tomorrow please
St Joseph, guardian of the poor, pray for us
Every blessing
Fr John

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We had a fruitful meeting on Wednesday with the Trinity Garden team – many plans were made and tasks allocated. We can also think of re-instating he Children's Liturgy and the coffee after Mass in the very near future.

Ukraine Refugees

Posted: 29 April 2022

The up-grading/repair works in the presbytery are complete – just a lick of paint here and Parish of Holy Trinity, Worsley served by the churches of Christ the King, St Edmund's and Our Lady and the Lancashire Martyrs Sunday 1 May 2022 – Third Sunday of Easter there needed now.

Gardening for Wildlife

Posted: 23 April 2022

The Laudato Si' Centre is launching a two-day foundation course in wildlife gardening at its base at Wardley Hall.

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