A message from Fr John

Posted on: 17/05/2020

Dear Friends
Following on from the last few days’ musings, you might listen to Radio 4 this morning - about 8.45am. Howard Jacobson is speaking about the his mother - very funny and very, very moving.
I pray for you all every day. These are difficult times for all of us whether we are working on the front line, or having to be isolated, or even just trying to maintain a safe distance. The ordinary things of life are no longer ordinary; what we have taken for granted must now be contemplated in desire and longing. Please God, we learning to listen to our true hearts desires, to recognise what really matters to us and to give thanks to God.
It must be true of our prayer lives too. We can no longer rely on Church always ‘being there’ - almost with Mass 'on demand’. And when the lockdown is eased it will not be the same as it was. I think it is important to lay down fresh roots that will help sustain us during the time of transition. Mass on Zoom or streaming is very good and helpful but I think it is our time of quiet prayer which will build up those reserves and help us grow in our love for God, the world and each other. Please learn to enjoy your prayer at home.
I often turn to the writings of the desert fathers and mothers, largely from the 4th Century. They have lots of different stories and sayings; and so …
‘A certain monk went to Abbot Moses and asked him for a piece of good advice. The Abbot said to him,
Go, sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything’.
Or - silence is golden!
Mass: 11.00am
Rosary and Benediction 3.00pm
Mass 12.00pm
Exposition 5.00pm
Mass: 5.00pm - there are two funerals in the morning
Please remember all of our family, friends and parishioners who are on the frontline
Laura, Ian, Joseph, Lisa, Patrick, Chris, Catherine, Anne, Terry, Mark, Theo, Clare, Richard, Anthony, Jane, James, Mary, Francis, Ruth, Andrew
Please pray too for all our teachers who must care for our children these days and face increasing challenges.
St Joseph, solace of the afflicted, pray for us.
Every blessing
Fr John

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