A message from Fr John

Posted on: 27/06/2020

Dear Friends
Good morning. I hope you’re well and staying safe. I’m amazed at the vast crowds that are gathering at beaches and for parties - putting themselves and others at risk, let alone creating the potential for extra strain on our wonderful NHS staff and resources.
We are slowly and carefully moving towards a re-opening of church prior to possible opening for Mass. I’m afraid we can only use one church (it will be Christ the King) because of all the necessary health and safety precautions which are demanded at these times. The church has to be cleaned not just once but every time it is closed and opened.
There is a meeting this afternoon for those people who have generously volunteered to be stewards - at the door and in church - to help us follow all the recommended guidelines. I spent yesterday putting tape and signs up and down the church and placing all the cleaning materials in the right place. It looks distinctly ‘odd’ but I suppose, in the short term, we will get used to it.
Not everyone will be able to come - the more vulnerable especially - and not everyone will want to come. There is absolutely no obligation to come; our Bishops have been very clear on that matter. Bishop John encourages us to continue to build the Church at Home - building our own spiritual lives through prayer and contemplation.
It is also very important that we don’t allow anyone to ’slip through the net’. There are many people, particularly the old and isolated, who don’t have access to the internet - please reach out to them by phone or even a simple wave outside their garden. Our community is strong and we need to ensure it stays so.
Stay safe
St Joseph, guardian of our parish, pray for us
Every blessing
Fr John

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A message from Fr John

Posted: 24 November 2020

Continuing our preparation for Advent, there’s a couple of little teachings from the Desert Fathers, the monks (and nuns) of the third and fourth centuries who strove to give up the luxuries of life in order to be closer to God and to each other in community.

A message from Fr John

Posted: 23 November 2020

After Bishop John’s Pastoral Letter, I though we might reflect on what love means in the light of the Gospel.

A message from Fr John

Posted: 22 November 2020

Did you  enjoy yesterday’s rainbow - fleeting as it was. A sign of hope and new life, please God.

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