A message from Fr John

Posted on: 13/07/2020

Dear Friends

Good morning

I came across this little piece on one of the Catholic websites which I think offers us a a different perspective for these days.

"In many ways, we have been closer to our brothers and sisters of the first three centuries during this time of lockdown than ever before. Instead of churches that were closed they had no churches at all.

They were unable to worship together in groups because of the fear of persecution and even of incurring the death sentence. Christianity was a proscribed religion in the Roman Empire and to worship the Christian God was tantamount to treason. It could be punished by a particularly horrible death.

But from their solitary homes during the first three hundred years, maybe they have a message for us today. They had no church buildings. For them 'the Church' meant people.

The word ekklesia is used 114 times in the New Testament. It is translated as "church" and is always used in reference to people – never a building.

The Church is made up of people, not buildings. These were the people who had been 'called out' ( ek klesia) to form the Body of Christ and they were very conscious of their union in the Christ.”

We are not in the times of the same persecutions, of course, but I agree with the writer that they are times for being grateful for our community and our sharing in the Body of Christ even though we can’t yet gather for worship. We too have to be aware of the need for safety - our own and that of others.

Christ the King church will be open for private prayer today from 2-3.00pm

Masses received:
Jack Daly, Sheila Riley, Lesley Buckley, Emily Louise Jones, Freda JonesIn honour of St Joseph, In Honour of St Anthony, Audrey Judge, Rita Lowe

Please remember our support for the Food Bank

St Joseph, pray for us

Every blessing

Fr John

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