Celebrating the first anniversary of Holy Trinity Worsley parish

Posted on: 17/06/2019

To prepare for the first anniversary of our parish, Holy Trinity, Worsley, 26 parishioners from our 3 churches, Our Lady/Lancashire Martyrs, St. Edmund's and Christ the King, and 2 parishioners of St. Charles, Swinton met over the course of 3 days to learn the art of flower arranging. Rita Taylor, a parishioner of St. Charles, assisted by Naj, shared her expertise with us. Rita is a very patient and experienced teacher and very quickly enabled those of us who were new to flower arranging to make some beautiful displays. Some of the participants were more experienced than others but all very quickly shared their ideas, tips and skills with one another as Rita and Naj moved from table to table, distributing supplies and . offering suggestions to improve the display.

Fr. John came to each of the three sessions, lending support and a bit of humour and helping to set up the display in the church. He was delighted to see people from all three churches working together, and sharing ideas. Hopefully each church will develop a team of people who can do the flower arranging for each church. Rita stressed that there was a team at St. Charles and each of the members of the team contributed. Naj agreed, stressing that with Rita's guidance new team members were encouraged to contribute and that there was a real sense of community that had developed among them. Certainly that was true at the three sessions that we had.

The pictures show the result of our collaboration! Parishioners from all the churches were invited to see the display at Lancashire Martyrs over the week-end. Those who were able to do so really enjoyed them, as well as the cakes and cups of tea that were provided to celebrate the anniversary after the Saturday Mass and Sunday Holy Hour.

All of the participants are looking forward to perfecting their skills and working together to continue creating beautiful arrangements!

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