Parish Contributions

Posted on: 14/05/2020

Dear Friends

Several people have asked how they can continue to contribute financially to the parish and I thank them for their thoughtfulness in these very difficult times of lockdown and all that it means for family income. However, some bills still need to be paid and we will need reserves to cater for the essential maintenance when the crisis is passed. The diocese have made several suggestions and so I have copied and pasted their instructions below.

Please feel under no pressure to contribute in this fashion - as a parish and church we will get through this crisis and emerge from it even stronger.

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You can access the diocesan website via this link:

The donate button is found in the right-hand corner of the main page when on a desktop and it directs you this this page.

On a mobile device the donate button is listed in the main menu. We are currently working on improving the access and making the button more prominent when on a mobile device.
Visitors to the donations page will find two options:

  1. Setting up a standing order
  2. Make a donation

Each online transaction will have a small fee attached (set by the provider) and there is also an opportunity to gift aid every donation.

How can you share in your parish?  

The best way to promote is to do so by sharing this link

Message ends

Thank you for all your kindnesses.


Fr John

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