A Light in this World


Friday 26 November 2021


St Anne’s RC Church,
1043 Chester Rd,
M32 8LF


November is the month of remembrance when we celebrate the lives of the faithful departed. More than ever, we may find ourselves thinking about a loved one. We then see Advent dawning, when we prepare for the Lord's coming in glory. This year, why not make a dedication to someone you love, someone you miss or someone who has no-one else to pray for them. Together, we can keep their light shining, whilst making a difference to the lives of those who need it most. Please visit https://caritassalford.dedicationpage.org/

Please note that all dedications made by Monday 22nd November will then be remembered by name during the Caritas Mass of Remembrance on Friday 26th November at 7.00 pm celebrated by Fr Ged Murphy, Episcopal Vicar for Caritas, at St Anne’s RC Church, Stretford.

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