Matthew: A vision of Jesus


Friday 28 February 2020 to Friday 13 March 2020


Wardley Hall,
M28 2ND

Join us at 10.30am at Wardley Hall to examine the Gospel of Matthew during this Lent season. The Bishops of England and Wales have challenged us to read the entire Gospel of Matthew as part of The God Who Speaks year on Scripture. Our Lenten programme will focus on this challenge.

Week 1: 28th: a. Jesus confronts temptation b. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount
Week 2: March 6: a. Jesus offers choices b. Jesus, Compassionate Healer
Week 3: March 13: a. Jesus missions the Disciples b. Jesus teaches in Parables
Week 4: March 20: a. Jesus the Source of Life b. Jesus Fountain of Mercy
Week 5: March 27: a. Jesus the Messiah b. Jesus’ Great Commandment
Week 6: April 3: a. Jesus’ Passion and Death b. Jesus’ Resurrection and Great Commission

Format: Using Scripture, poetry, art and/or music, we will pray with Matthew’s Gospel. Sessions will include talks, individual prayer time and sharing. We will provide suggestions for daily prayer.

Presenters: Sister Joan Kerley, FMSJ and Maria Kidd

To confirm your participation, please contact:

Marie Sartini, Bishop’s PA, Wardley Hall, Worsley M28 2ND; 0161 794 2825
E: OR 

Sister Joan Kerley, FMSJ; 0161 971 7842; E:

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